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The stigma surrounding organizational change, also known as change management, is that it is more about HR marketing and "feel good" than it is about doing the hard work that is necessary for success in helping people move from the old business-as-usual to "the new."

That perspective cannot be further from the truth, if history and research count for anything. And here are some of those headlines as reported by leading think tanks, research organizations, and consulting firms

Do Not Fall Into These Statistics!

❌ 70+% of projects that change how people do their job fail​

❌ These failures represent annual global losses in the trillions

❌ 9 out of 10 project team members feel unsafe reporting project issues.

Let Us Care For Your Business Changes, Like It's Our Own.


We are not like those companies/

projects that have failed

It should be enough that the sponsor says they want this to happen

This project is non-negotiable... Just do it

It’s not our style to get all warm and fuzzy

​This is overkill

​My project isn't that big a deal.

Leaders are singularly accountable as the most powerful influence over the success of any project that changes how people do what they are asked to do.

Their challenge?

Managing day-to-day business as usual and leading through change are two different beasts that require taming simultaneously. And the standard leadership framework lacks critical structure for taming the 'change' beast.

Organizational Readiness is THE Goal.

Accountability is THE Key To Success!

Hi, I am Carla!

Standing alone under the withering glare of 16 angry men, I came face-to-face with my professional destiny reflected in their eyes and revealed through their scorn. On that Monday in September 1979, I was catapulted from the back office of data processing into the center ring of information technology’s assault on the workplace. Their obvious pain awakened me to a raw truth.

Amid this turmoil, I discovered a fundamental flaw in management’s approach to changing how people work, and it wasn’t management’s fault; there had never been an opportunity to shift so many processes and access so quickly for so many. Standard management tactics weren’t equipped to navigate transformative change. Attention was needed to how technology was introduced into a process. But my awakening was dismissed by my management, who asserted, “We do data, not people.”

So, I went undercover. Determined to tackle how people can be supported during change, I pursued degrees and certifications in organizational change and development. With grit, determination, time, money, and grace from those closest to me, I honed my expertise and developed my superpower. For the next 40+ years, I designed tools, coached leaders, and built a legacy rooted in resilience and adaptability, transforming challenges into triumphs.

Today, I consult with leadership teams, guiding them through a comprehensive and collaborative start to any change project. This includes a deep dive into the leadership team's concerns and a shared experience in defining, understanding, planning, and addressing the project's implications on people. By fostering insights, shared ownership, unified messaging, and common ground, we eliminate the drama, trauma, and irrecoverable costs of failure.

This is my invitation: Consider your confidence in the change before you. Where there is doubt, there is opportunity.

Connect with me, book a complimentary call!

Together, we can ensure your next change initiative starts—and finishes—strong.

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What They Say About Carla

Shellie Seyfarth

PhD, Executive Leadership Coach; docshellie.com

I wholeheartedly recommend Carla Lewis as a change agent, without hesitation. Having worked closely with Carla, I've witnessed firsthand her exceptional ability to navigate and lead through transformative initiatives. Carla possesses a profound understanding of both the psychological intricacies and technical dimensions crucial for successful change management. Her dedication, insight, and unwavering commitment to achieving results make her an invaluable asset to any organization striving for positive, and lasting transformation.

Monica Parkin

Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, & your trusted mortgage expert

It was my absolute pleasure to have Carla on my podcast "Juggling without Balls." She was a dream guest. She is a passionate and articulate speaker who can convey her ideas with stories and examples in just the right amount of time without spending too much on any one question. She also took the time to get to know a bit about me as a host and to drop a thoughtful hint about my own projects into the conversation. I highly recommend Carla as a podcast guest or as a speaker. Her style is engaging, and she knows how to quickly build a connection with her audience.

Helping leaders take the chance out of change!

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